Latest News on Combat Stealth Technology

Stealth technology in military combat is usually reserved for aircraft hiding from radar equipment. But new “light-bending” technology can now be applied to tanks and soldiers. 

Firearms are going to continue to evolve. We have laser tree cutting technology that is being implemented to firearms and robots to fire them. The tech is endless. But people overlook the other spectrum of combat – not becoming a victim of the other end of a firearm. Stealth technology is continuing to evolve to address that.

What is stealth technology? In military applications, this refers to technology that hides military assets from detection systems such as radar and sonar. Often it’s applied to aircraft, but today new technology can add stealth capability to tanks and even infantry as well.

Stealth Isn’t Easy

It has been almost 30 years since the first stealth aircraft was introduced. These planes are amazing, as they can disappear even from radar equipment so they can sneak up on enemy targets.

But it’s still a rather difficult task to improve on this technology. The prime example of this is the ongoing F-35 fiasco, which has been one of the most awaited developments in military history. Unfortunately, the production has been delayed by up to 8 years now, and so far it has gone over its budget by a whopping $263 billion.

What’s more, incorporating stealth can degrade other features and capabilities. Just recently, the F-35 was defeated in a dogfight by an F-16, which was designed way back in the 1970s!

It’s Not Impossible—Even for Infantry

Today, such technology is now possible with the use of “Quantum Technology”. Developed by a Canadian company called Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp., this innovation bends light waves around a person, so that the target becomes practically invisible. It’s the real-life version of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. The user of Quantum technology is even invisible from infrared night vision and thermal signatures. Even the user’s shadow isn’t seen.

This technology has been examined and confirmed by US and Canadian military representatives. It has also been checked out by the Federal Emergency Response Team (Counter Terrorism).

Quantum Stealth Technology

Possible Uses

The military can use this type of technology in several ways:

  • A downed pilot behind enemy lines can evade capture while waiting for rescue units. A pilot won’t have to run around trying to flee from enemy combatants. They can just lie where they are as they radio their coordinates to their HQ.
  • It can be applied to aircraft, which can make it invisible from spy satellites and drones. Current stealth technology doesn’t hide planes from direct sight.
  • It can hide a submarine periscope from surface ship lookouts.
  • Infiltration and Special Forces units can operate stealthily without waiting for the cover of darkness to hide their approach.
  • It can help with urban hostage rescue operations, as it gives SWAT teams more time to differentiate between actual criminals from the hostages. This should result in fewer hostage casualties due to friendly fire.
  • It can help hide the number of tanks in a group, which can then intimidate fortified enemy positions.
  • It can also assist in sniper operations, as it can hide snipers even in an open field where there are no natural hiding spots. In addition, after firing they can change their location quickly without their motion being detected.

Camouflage will still have its place in military operations. But in the near future, it may only serve as back-up for stealth technology.

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