What is a Precision-Guided Firearm?

Do you wish for clean kills on your hunts? Find out how you can get accurate shots at impossible distances with the Precision-Guided Firearms from Tracking Point. 

For most of the high-tech weapons systems today, there’s no need for manually aiming for a target in the battlefield. Now we have computerized fire control systems make sure that the ordinance hits the target precisely. These precise systems can be found in cruise-missile, attack drones, the M1 Abrams tank, and the F35 fighter planes. If you can’t wait for these systems to find their way into a firearm, then you don’t have to. The Precision-Guided Firearm is already here, courtesy of Tracking Point.

Uncanny Precision 

This Precision Guided Firearm offers incredible precision for your shots. Use it correctly and regardless of your skill level, you can shoot more accurately than the best shooters in history. It’s the first, and so far, the only rifle that has its own fire control system, which is essentially a computer system that guides the release of your bullet. With this, you will always hit within 10 inches of your tag point, when your target is 1,000 yards away! 

How It Works

The fire control system virtually eliminates the possibility of human error when you don’t properly aim or time your shots, or if you suffer from the jitters. All you need to do is to press the tag button to specify your impact point. Then you align the reticle with the tag, and then you squeeze and hold the trigger. The computer system then guides the trigger release so you hit your target accurately.

The guided trigger won’t release until you’re able to align the sight with your tag point. As soon as you achieve that perfect alignment, the guided trigger is released and you complete your trigger pull.


Aside from shooting better than we ever have before, this kind of precision offers numerous benefits.

  • Now you don’t have to hunt by ambush and by using bait. There’s no need for blinds and gun rests. Now you can stalk the wilderness and track your prey, and hunt on the fly.
  • This makes hunting much more exciting, as you can try shots that you won’t dare attempt on a traditional rifle. With these firearms, it’s possible to bring down swift-moving predators at traditionally impossible distances. You don’t even need a gun rest, as you can take off-hand shots.
  • This may also be the most ethical means of hunting. You don’t just wait and shoot. You can now really hunt instead. And your precision ensures clean hits so you don’t end up with as many wounded animals on your hunts.

Teaching Point Precision Firearms

Available Precision-Guided Firearms

Tracking Point offers several precision-guided firearms with this advanced technology, and it may be possible for even the military-grade rifles to be made available for civilian owners.

  • M600 SR Squad-Level Precision-Guided 5.56 Service Rifle. This is meant to replace the M4A1. Out to 600 yards, warriors can achieve up to 87% First Shot Success Probability (FSSP). The kill rate with this is 40 times what you get with the current M4A1s.
  • M800 DMR Squad-Level Precision-Guided 7.62. This is the Godzilla of all small arms, with 89% FSSP up to an astonishing 800 yards. Compared to the current M110s and M14s used by snipers and designated marksmen, this rifle offers a kill rate that’s 33 times greater.
  • M1400 EMR -.338LM Bolt-Action. This lets snipers take out targets out to 1400 yards while they’re moving at speeds of up to 20 mph.
  • NightEagle 5.56 Semi-Automatic Precision-Guided Firearm. This is designed for homesteaders and hunters, with a range of 400 yards while the targets are moving at 10 mph. it comes with night vision, on-the-move stalking, and recording options for video and voice.
  • NightDragon 7.62 Semi-Automatic Precision-Guided Firearm. This is another suitable weapon for hunters and herd farmers. You can hit targets at up to 500 yards, while they’re moving at 15 mph. Night vision, on-the-move stalking, and recording options for video and voice are also all available.

Whether you’re a hunter, homesteader, or warrior, these precision-guided firearms offer you the ability that all marksmen treasure: the ability to never miss a shot!

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