What Makes for a Good Night Vision Scope for Firearms?

Night vision is a crucial ability in tactical or even hunting operations. Here’s a guide on how to find the night vision scope you need for your firearms. 

There was a time when a night vision scope was reserved for the military, as they were very expensive in spite being unreliable. Today, night vision scopes have become quite affordable.

What’s a Good Night Vision Scope for Firearms?

But how do you know if a night vision scope is good enough? It should have the following features:

  • US-made. It should be made in the US. You really don’t want a scope made in a country where manufacturing standards are lax, especially for something as crucial as a scope.
  • Military-grade. If you’re looking for the best, go with the preferred scopes of experienced soldiers and marines. The best will have gained the stamp of approval from those who rely on it for life-or-death situations.
  • Clarity of image. For tactical or hunting operations, the resolution of the optics is crucial. You need to be able to identify your target before you even think about pulling the trigger in the dark. The resolution is measured by LP/MM (lines per millimeter). The best ones come with 64-72 lp/mm.
  • Weight. You need something light, especially when you’re not using a gun rest. If it’s too heavy, it will slow you down as you move the weapon, it’ll be uncomfortable to hold, and it will be more difficult to aim.
  • Durability. It needs to be reliable, so you know it will work for field conditions every time. With these scopes, there’s a very high probability of failure with the electronic components when you’re using a substandard scope. The manufacturer must be known for its high-quality items.

When you buy these scopes, make sure you read the reviews so you know what to expect. Read the reviews of hunters or people who have the same concerns as you do—what they’ve experienced with these scopes will be very similar to what you will go through as well.

Recommended for Missions in Total Darkness

So which brand of night vision scopes will work best for you? You have many options, but among the best are the latest attachments from Tracking Point. These add total darkness capabilities for their astounding precision-guided firearms.

The Vivid Gen 3 Night Vision attachment works with an infrared illuminator so that infantrymen can gain situational awareness even in night time operations. It’s compatible with the ShotGlass so you can see the images in glasses, it offers 64-72 Ip/mm resolution, it is light at 16.9 ounces, and it comes with a quick-release locking mount.

Tracking Point's Vivid Night Vision Scope

The Torrid Thermal Attachment allows soldiers and marines to track and eliminate targets in the dark and even through atmospheric obstacles, such as snow, fog, smoke, and haze. It weighs just 8.64 ounces, the images are seen on an 800×600 OLED display (or on ShotGlass), and it also has a quick-release mount.

Tracking Point's Torrid Thermal Scope

With these 2 attachments, warriors can really own the night, and with their precision-guided firearms they can take out moving targets at extreme distances even in complete darkness.

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