What is a Precision-Guided Firearm?

Do you wish for clean kills on your hunts? Find out how you can get accurate shots at impossible distances with the Precision-Guided Firearms from Tracking Point. 

For most of the high-tech weapons systems today, there’s no need for manually aiming for a target in the battlefield. Now we have computerized fire control systems make sure that the ordinance hits the target precisely. These precise systems can be found in cruise-missile, attack drones, the M1 Abrams tank, and the F35 fighter planes. If you can’t wait for these systems to find their way into a firearm, then you don’t have to. The Precision-Guided Firearm is already here, courtesy of Tracking Point.

Uncanny Precision 

This Precision Guided Firearm offers incredible precision for your shots. Use it correctly and regardless of your skill level, you can shoot more accurately than the best shooters in history. It’s the first, and so far, the only rifle that has its own fire control system, which is essentially a computer system that guides the release of your bullet. With this, you will always hit within 10 inches of your tag point, when your target is 1,000 yards away!  Read more “What is a Precision-Guided Firearm?”